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We Specialize in Police Car Leasing

It’s what we do.  Our police car leasing programs are very low interest, tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own financing tools for government fleet leasing (2-200 vehicles) and equipment.  Our programs are specifically for police, sheriff’s, and law enforcement agencies like yours.   So, “tuck away” any prior leasing experience you may have had for just a moment…

Tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own financing for governments is totally different.

Let us bring you up to speed on our municipal lease-to-own financing programs compared to commercial and dealer programs.  Review what we’ve put together here on  Or, just cut to the chase with a Quick Quote Now!  (most people are amazed)

Your Lowest Cost Financing.

Interest rates are going down

Its a fact, municipal leases are almost always your agency’s lowest cost, non-debt financing for new police vehicle lease programs for cars & equipment.  Every program is designed specifically for municipal entities and their government fleet vehicles.

Police Car Leasing Experience Counts.

When it’s your reputation and your agency’s money on the line, our government fleet financing experience really counts.  It means that Celebrating-35-Yearseverything will go right–as quoted, on time, on budget and as promised.  No “jack of all trades” dance here.   If it’s not for police car leasing or public safety–for state, county, or municipal governments, you won’t see it here.  We are the government financing side of First Capital Equipment Leasing and enjoy a well-deserved A+ rating from the BBB.

First Capital Speaks “Police.”  We get it.

Its the language of police vehicles, upfits, municipal budgeting, timing, taxes, cash flow, due diligence, competing expenditures, town meetings and yes, even the occasional “political agenda” that gets into the mix.  Essential equipment that may be years “overdue” for replacement is now choking your agency with maintenance expenses and downtime.  We understand.  We get it.

Our Police Car Leasing Is Turnkeyturnkey-municipal-leasing

We can offer a 100% turnkey lease-to-own police car financing quote that includes ANY EQUIPMENT that you need, from ANY DEALER or UP FITTER that you select.  No “a la carte” solutions.  Make every vehicle “street ready” for your agency the day it’s delivered.  One price, one budget line item, all in.

We Had a Great Vehicle Rotation Schedule…

And then we didn’t.  It was the right idea then, its still the right idea now.  The police vehicle maintenance costsproblem:  too many old vehicles on the road (or in the shop!) and not enough cash to replace them all.  The fastest way to catch up is spreading those BIG ACQUISITION COSTS over multiple budgets–rather than draining it all from the next budget.  Get your agency’s budget back “in sync” with your real equipment needs.    The miles just keep adding up; this isn’t going away.

Do More, With Less

Bet you’ve heard that a few too many times from the Mayor, the City Manager or the Council.

Well, we’ve saved the big surprise for last, we will show you how to do more this year and it will actually cost less this year!

Wring more vehicles and equipment out of your budget.

From police car leasing to prisoner transport vans, computer-aided dispatch systems (CAD), to vehicle upfits and in-car computers.  Fingerprint, crime scene and jail facilities, mobile radios to mobile incident command centers–and everything in between.  If it’s essential to you, it’s in.  Let us show you an actual lease-to-own quote based  S-P-R-E-A-D those costs over several budget periods.  You’ll know in 60 seconds if police car leasing is right for you.

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